General Purpose Transducer Interface Board GAGE-3001
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General purpose transducer interface board

Gage 3001

The GAGE-3001 is a miniature interface board, used for interfacing any bridge-type type transducer such as Strain Gage, Pressure Sensor and other bridge-type transducers, as well as voltage producing devices such as Piezo Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Photo Diodes and EEG/ECG inputs.

The GAGE-3001 provides a variable excitation, capable of deriving up to 80 mA, at voltage range of 1V to 20V. The excitation voltage is symmetrical about ground level, so that the common mode voltage is approx. 0V. For example: an excitation voltage of 12V will be ±6V relative to ground.

The GAGE-3001 also contains an Instrumentation Amplifier, with a variable gain of 150-1500, and a variable offset control. The output of the Instrumentation Amplifier is fed to a double pole Low-Pass-Filter, then passed via a driver buffer to the output port. The cut-off frequency of the Low-Pass-Filter may be changed by replacing two capacitors, CX1 and CX2, with capacitors of other values. The following Table provides capacitors values for some often used cut-off frequencies:

Cut-Off Freq. 50 Hz 100 Hz 200 Hz 500 Hz 1 kHz 2 kHz 5 kHz 10 kHz 20 kHz
Capacitor Value
330 nF 150 nF 80 nF 33 nF 15 nF 8 nF 3.3 nF 1.5 nF 1 nF

The GAGE-3001 also has a bridge loading resistor Rx, connected in series with a variable trimpot (variable resistor) designated P2. The resistor is used for correcting the offset of a bridge, which has a high offset level that cannot becorrected by using the on-board offset control. This resistor has to be defined and connected by the user. Please note that this resistor may adversely affect the linearity of the bridge, therefore it is recommended to correct the high offset by fixing the transducer.

The excitation of the GAGE-3001 may be changed by using a trimpot designated P6, while the excitation level may be measured between the -EXC and +EXC test points. The gain is adjusted using P1.

The GAGE-3001 requires an external stabilized power supply of ±8V to ±15V. An optional battery power supply can also be supplied.

The GAGE-3001 is pin compatible with the Gage-3001 interface card in all inputs, outputs and power supply lines.

The GAGE-3001 has wider bandwidth, lower noise and lower drift than the GAGE-3001.

Figure 1: Block Diagram

Block Diagram

.   For use with any bridge-type transducers, pressure gages, strain gages, etc.
   High gain - 1500 standard,up to 10000 optional.
.   Ultra high input impedance - 1 GW.
.   High frequency response - up to 50kHz.
.   Built-in user-programmable Low Pass Filter.
.   Built-in excitation.
.   High common-mode rejection - 120dB min.
.   Low noise, low offset and drift.
.   Low cost.

.   Weighing systems.
 Interfacing of load cells to A/D cards.
Amplification of low-level sensors (Pressure Transducers, Light-sensing Devices, Thermistors, etc.)
 Medical applications: EEG, ECG, etc.

Technical Specifications

  100-1500 (adjustable by user)
  up to 10,000-optional
  Gain Non-Linearity   ± 0.006%
  Gain Temp. Coef.   30 ppm/C°
  Input Offset Drift   1 µV/C°
  Output Offset Drift   100 µV/C°
  Input Offset Vs. Supply   85 dB
  Input Impedance   2G.
  Dift. Capacitance   5 pF
  CMRR ( DC - 100 Hz )   120 dB
  Bandwidth ( Gain 100 - 1000 )   50 kHz min. (-3 dB)
  Setting time to 0.01%   30 µ Sec. (no filter installed)
  Input Noise Voltage (@ 1 kHz)   10 nV/.
  Output Noise   100 nV/.
  Supply Voltage Range   ±8V to ±15V
  Excitation Level   ±1V to ±10V
  Excitation Current (max.)   80 mA
  Excitation Drift   5 ppm/C° ±10 µV/C°
  Excitation Noise (DC - 100 kHz)   0.6 mV max (@300R load)
  Excitation Noise (DC - 1 kHz)   0.2 mV max (@300R load)
  Operating Temperature   0 - 70 C°
  Bridge Resistance Range   50 . - 20,000 .

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