G3000 Series Amplifier / Signal Conditioning System
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G3000 Series
Amplifier / Signal Conditioning System

G3000 mainframe

The G3000 is a portable rack housing up to 6 different modules Each one of those modules can be used with any combination of the others. This feature enables the user to run complicated experiments with small system volume and relatively low cost.
The unit operates from an external power supply of +/-15V, for increased safety and excellent noise immunity. There are 6 module types, for various types of applications: strain measurments, Pressure, Photo diodes, Piezo sensors, Temperature, Displacement, Dynamic measurements at high bandwidth, EEG and ECG.
The G-3001 and G-3006 modules contains a very low noise Instrumentation Amplifier, a Signal Conditioner and a variable or fixed symmetrical excitation.
It can be used as a
Strain Gage Amplifier for Load Cells, RTD or Load and Force measurement with Strain gage bridges or other bridge based piezo-resistive transducers (as pressure sensors). It can also be interfaces to most Temperature transducers, Piezo Sensors, Photo sensitive devices and most sensors having a voltage output.
The G-3020 is similar in functionality to the G-3001, except that it was designed for high speed sensors with a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz. It can be used with High Frequency Strain Gage sensor, to monitior shocks, vibrations, explosions, material testing, Ultrasound and fast transients. This module contains a high speed instrumentation amplifier, a filter and a variable excitation.
The G-3080 is a LVDT sensor signal conditioner (LVDT = Linear Variable Differential Transformer or Linear Variable Displacement Transducer...). The module consists of a LVDT excitation and a LVDT demodulator circuitry which together form a high speed displacement measurement system. With an appropriate sensor it can measure displacement as small as 1 micron and at frequencies up to 20 KHz.
The G-3030 E/C are medical amplifiers used for neurological application, brain mapping, Heart rate ECG and other medical applications. Both units consist of a high sensitivity differential amplifier with high gain and proprietary filters designed for this application.

G-3001 Differential Amplifier & Excitation Module
G-3006 Enhanced Differential Amplifier & Excitation Module
G-3020 10MHz Instrumentation Amplifier & Excitation
G-3080 LVDT Demodulator
G-3030C ECG Amplifier
G-3030E EEG Amplifier

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