Digital/Contact Closure Fiber Optic Link AFL-80
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AFL-80 Digital/Dry contact closure OEM Fiber Optic Link

AFL-80 Contact Closure Version, up to 260VAC, 16A, 4000VA max. per contact, Form C

AFL-80 TTL Version - 0-5V/0-3.3V digital signals

AFL-80 24V/1A
AFL-80 24V/1A Contact Closures, Form C

Mקאשך Wמבךםדורקד DIN rail holders
Metal enclosures are available for all models DIN rail holders + 24VDC converters are available
Actual Size: TX:68 x 54 x 12mm, RX:109 x 83 x 12-20mm
Price starts from $486.- per pair (Transmitter and receiver units, TTL I/O, boards only), basic configuration, Multi-Mode.

When you need to:
point   Transfer 8 Digital Control signals from a noisy environment,
point   Isolate digital signal from high voltage sources,
point   Control systems over a long distance,
point   Reduce wiring costs,
point   Get rid of interferences and spikes
point   Get fast and accurate response to your control signals,

The AFL-80 digital/Dry contact fiber optic link Can tranmit 8 Contact closures or 8 TTL signals over a long range at a 150 KHz. update speed.

The AFL-80 was primarily designed for industrial and control application. The product is available in 3 versions: TTL outputs, Low current/Voltage contact closure, High current/Voltage contact closures.
TTL Version: The transmitter is sampling the 8 Digital TTL inputs simultaneously at a rate of 180 KHz. and transmits their status to 8 digital outputs at the receiver end. 8 TTL outputs at the receiver end would be updated to exactly the same status ("0" or "1" logic level) as in the transmitter.
Contact Closure version: The transmitter is sampling the status of 8 contacts ("ON" or "OFF" status) and transmits them over the optical link to the receiver.
Those outputs are available as 8 Form C relay contacts with 2 different ratings: 24V@1A or 230VAC @ 16A.
A "LINK" alarm LED and Form C relay contact enables the user to know if the link was disconnected and take any precautions needed to halt the system. A TTL signal is available at the TTL version of the product.
Input sampling and output updates may be synchronized to external circuits or controllers by using the "SAMPLE" pin at the Transmitter or at the Receiver. This pin provides a TTL pulse every time that the input status is read (at the transmitter) or that the output status is updated (at the receiver end).

The AFL-80 consists of the following components:
point   A digital input Fiber Optic Transmitter - AFL-80/TX,
With TTL/Contact Closure compatible inputs.

point   A digital Fiber Optic Receiver - AFL-80/RX,
This unit can be configured with Dry contacts (1 change-over per input)
or with TTL outputs.
point   Up to 3 km of Multi-mode glass fiber or 50 Km of Single-mode fiber (optional).
Optical budget with Single Mode transceivers: 30 dB

point   2 power supplies of 12V - one for each side.
The units can be modified to 24V + DIN rail case and holder for DIN rail mounting.

The link is connected between the inputs at the transmitter, and the Relay contact outputs at the receiver.

Block AFL-80

point   Excellent signal isolation.Prevents ground loops and high voltage spikes
point   Very fast response - up to 70 uSec at TTL version, 1.5-3mSec @ contact closure version.
point   Transfers digital control signals to distances of up to 1.6 Km (50Km with Single Mode transceivers)
point   Input signal: 0-5V logic level @ DC-40 KHz (@ TTL outputs version).
point   3 Versions available: TTL, 24V/1A contacts, 230V/16A contacts

point   Very small size: TX: 68 x 54 x 12mm, RX: 109 x 83 x 12-20mm
point   Low cost: from $486.- per pair (Rx and Tx for that price! Compare!).
point   Relay ON/Off time: Hold- 3mSec, Release- 1.5mSec (average)
point   TTL output On/Off time: 50nSec (rise or fall time)
point   TTL output update rate: 180,000 times per second!.

point   High Voltage isolation between Tx and Rx - up to millions of Volts.
point   Form C contacts - Can be connected as Normally Open or Normally Closed .

point   Low noise transfer of digital data, particularly beneficial in electrically noisy environments and for transmission over long distance.
point  Equipment control at High Voltage platforms with excellent isolation.
point  Optional Single mode transmitter and receiver allows 30dB optical budget for longer range.
point  Transmit 8 Contact Closures or TTL lines over distances of over 50 Km (SIngle Mode fiber)
point  Eliminates the formation of "ground loops" (when two instruments are connected to separate power lines or have a difference between their ground voltage potentials).
point  Total protection of signal processor's input stage from lightning, High Voltage spikes etc.
point  Replaces bulky multi-wire cables with single, compact fiber optic cable - especially important when rewiring existing ducts. Cheaper than using 8 copper cables for distances over 100m.

Technical Specifications
point  Input Range: 0-5V logic levels related to TX common ground.
point  Output contacts: Normally open, Common, Normally Closed.
Each relay is isolated from the others.
point  Contacts rating:
Low Current Contacts:
24VDC @ 1A
Form C contacts (Common, Normally Open, Normally Closed)

High Current contacts:
@ 16A
Max. 4000VA.
Form C contacts (Common, Normally Open, Normally Closed)

point  Frequency Response: DC to 40 KHz (for TTL version).
point  Timing jitter: 7 microseconds maximum
point  Supply Voltage: 12 V
regulated, floating power supply. Can be modified to 24Vdc.
point  Optical Fiber: Glass, 62.5/125 micron dia. Standard (up to 3 Km), ST connector standard, SMA optional
point  Transmission Range:
- Up to 3 Km (1.8 miles) standard(MM fiber), 50Km optional with Single-Mode transmitter
Optical budget with Single Mode transceivers: 30 dB .
point  5V output terminal current: Up to 100 mA .
point  Relay ON/Off time: Hold- 3mSec, Release- 1.5mSec (average)
point  Voltage Isolation:
- Input to Output - infinite voltage isolation,
- Input/Output to Mains -
800V standard, up to 2500 V optional,
-Output to Output - over 800 Volts @ contact closure version.
- Battery operated - infinite voltage.

point  Relay to Relay isolation voltage: 800V maximum.

Download Datasheet Download PDF file

Ordering Information

The AFL-80 may be ordered with Single-Mode or Multi-Mode optical receivers and transmitters.
Single mode transmitters work in a different wavelength than Multi-mode transmitters and they cannot be combined!. They are suitable for different types of optical fibers.
If you already got a fiber installed, please check the type of fiber before placing your order.
point  Each side needs a seperate power supply or battery. All units , on the same side, which share the same common ground, may use the same power supply
point  A stabilized power supply may supply power for up to 5 (optionally 10) receivers or transmitters (with 16 I/O lines each)

AFL-80 - TT - REL1 - MM - R
- 24V
point TT = TTL Input voltage range(0-5V).
point REL1 = Relay Outputs(standard, 24V/1A).REL2 = Relay Outputs(High current/Voltage, 260VAC/16A). TT = TTL outputs.
MM= Multi-Mode Transceivers. SM = Single Mode Transceivers

point  R = Range in meters (length of fiber)
point  24V = Optional 24V power input. 12V standard.

AFL-80 - O3
point  3 channel power supply (for one side - Rx or Tx or mixed)


point Power supply for powering up to 10 units(for one side)


The following options are available:
* Metal covers
* DIN rail holders
* Internal converters for 24V power input
* Singlemode optics (instead of Multi-Mode)
* Custom assembled mixed units - TTL + REL1 + REL2 in one board.
* 110VDC power supplies (usually for flamabe environment)
* Power splitters - allows sharing of power supplies for few modules.


Battery operated power supply:
Can run 6 Transmitters or 3 Contact Closure Receivers for up to 10 hours.
Includes a 12 V/ 6.5 AH battery, charger + cables. Other batteries available per request.
Available in OEM version:

Battery + Charger OEM

Or housed in metal case:
Battery + Charger metal case


Optical cables are available. Standard lengths are: 2,10,20,50,100m

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