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Technical Support

Technical support

Software Upgrades

Limitation Note:

You may download software upgrade files from our FTP site .

All upgrade software are encrypted and password protected. In order to open the encrypted files you MUST contact us via E-mail to get your personal password. Passwords are given to registered customers only. No "evaluation" software is available on this site.

To get your password click here.


The following files are currently available:

1AN_WIN.EXE rev. 3.5

This is a new Windows software. It contains both ANFLOW and LINFLOW in one
package, for WIN95 and WIN31 environements.
File Size:
1AN_DOS.EXE rev. 2.8

This file is the last DOS version of ANFLOW and LINFLOW with external sync and Ensemble averaging support and 3-d calibrations.
File Size:
1SYNC.EXE rev. 1.1

This file contains a sample of data files, sampled with external synchronization.
File Size:
1LABVIEW.EXE for LabView rev. 4

This file contains the VI files for interfacing the AN-2000 via LABVIEW software and a fast data acquisition driver. Please note that these drivers will NOT work on LabView rev. 3 or 2.
File Size:
1BN0 and BN1
These are the firmware upgrades for those of you which upgraded their CPU board to FLASH memory (for upgrading the internal firmware of the AN-2000).
File Size:


Questions and Answers regarding the AN-2000 and AN-1003 Flow Measurement Instruments:

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AN-2000 Hardware

AN-1003 Hardware


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