The pressure-sensitive mat has 4224 cells, arranged as a matrix of 88 by 48 cells. These sensors, developed by us, are maintenance-free, have almost unlimited life span and measure with 100% repeatability.This system measures dynamic pressure distribution, at up to 32 scans (of 4224 sensors per scan) per second. The acquired data is transferred to a PC compatible computer.

Highly advanced and affordable floor-mat system, useful for foot diagnosis and treatment, planar pressure screening and biomechanical assessment.
Smaller arrays can be used for dynamic pressure/force measurements (for example: adjustment of
motorized car seats)

Analyze data instantly, then record it along with patient's name\ID for post-treatment or post-surgery comparison.
Its software package provides clear and colorful graphic presentation of data, the user-friendly operation and many useful options which make this system easy to operate with only a short training.
Very cost-effective system.


Dynamic Scan - 16 consecutive frames per measurement. The Dynamic Scan enables assesement of three parameters which are vital for effective patient's diagnosis:
a. Foot structure,
b. Pressure levels affected upon foot during walking - rather than just standing,
c. Characteristics of patient's walk and motoric behavior.

Consists of a sensing mat, interfacing electronic card and a user-friendly software package for IBM PC compatible computers.
No need for calibration ! The system is self calibrating - for years of effective operation.
Detailed 2-D color graphic presentation of captured data, clearly showing plantar foot pressure distribution.
Print data in graphic and/or quantitative formats.
No inconvenience to the patient due to several important factors:
a. Mat is comfortable and easy
to use (bipedal measurement),
b. The computerized system enables data to be captured and analyzed in a short time,
c. Clear data display - a colorful pressure map - makes it easy to brief your client and convince him/her to buy!


Pre-treatment and pre-surgery Foot diagnosis.
Planar pressure screening.
Biomechanical assessment.
Post-treatment or post-surgery comparison and analysis.


DOS-comaptible version supplied as part of the product.
User friendly and easy to operate.
Does not require special computer skills.
Dynamic Scan feature - creates a file with 16 frames of consecutive measurements, enabling the operator to analyze the complete stepping process of the patient.
Enhanced features for client information storage and retrieval, including easy acess to his or her test history, for post-treatment or post-surgery comparison.

Technical Specifications

Bipedal data acquisition and display.
Mat dimensions: 570mm x 325mm.
Active area dimensions: 446mm x 243mm.
Spatial resolution: approximately 4 cells per square cm.
Total number of sensors: 4224 cells, arranged as a matrix of 88 by 48 cells

System Requirements:
PC-compatible computer: 386 minimal, 486 highly recommended,
RAM memory size: 4MB min.,

Operating system: DOS 5.0 or higher,
2MB free space on hard disk for software (supplied by manufacturer),
Super-VGA monitor.






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