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Actual Size: 61 x 61 x 28mm (box only)
Price starting from $794.- per pair (Transmitter and receiver units), basic TTL configuration, Multi-Mode.

When you need:
point   To transfer a trigger signal from a noisy environment,
point   To isolate the signal from high voltage sources,
point   Eliminate ground loops,
point   Transfer precise timing signals over a long distance,
point   Have excellent system reliability,
The AFL-300 Digital is the answer.

The AFL-300 digital is an excellent solution for transmission of precise timing signal over optical fibers. Those signals can be triggering signals, synchronisation signals, GPS timing signals and any other TTL compatible signals (0 to 5V or 0 to 12V).

The input to the AFL-300 is a logic input, 0 to 5V or 0 to 3.3V (0 to 12V per request).

The signal is transferred over the optical fiber with minimum latency and almost zero jitter.
The signal is reconstructed on the receiver and can be output as a TTL signal (0 to 5V), 0 - 12V signal or open collector (up to 30V external voltage).

The AFL-300 consists of the following components:
point   A Digital Fiber Optic Transmitter - AFL-300 DIG/TX,
point   A Digital Fiber Optic Receiver - AFL-300 DIG/RX,
point   Up to 3 km of of Multi-mode glass fiber or 50 Km of Single-mode fiber (optional).
Optical budget with Single Mode transceivers: 28 dB.

The link is connected between the signal source at the transmitter and the signal output at the receiver.

Block AFL-300

point   Transmit precise timing signals over optical fiber.
point   Prevents ground loops and computer noise effects .
point   Transfers analog signals to distances of up to 3 Km (50Km with Single Mode transceivers)
point   Excellent signal isolation.
point   Short propagation delay - 200 nSec + 5 uSec/Km.
point   High Frequency bandwidth: DC to 10 MHz.
point   Very small size:
only 61 x 61 x 28 mm
point   Low cost: $794.- per pair (Rx + Tx).
point   Can work under Ionizing radiation (Nuclear applications)

Timing charts:

Rising Edge

Rising Edge (100nSec/Div.)

Falling Edge

Falling Edge (100nSec/Div.)

12V Output option

12V Output (200nSec/Div.)

Technical Specifications
point  Input/output Range: ±5 V standard; input is compatible with 0 to 3V logic as well,
Output can be switched by user between 0-5V to 0-12V to Open collector .

point  Low Jitter - Up to 300pSec. using MM fiber.
point Using SM fiber the jitter is less than 100pSec on the Rising edge and in most frequencies or pulse width it is the same on the falling edge. On few particular frequencies the jitter on the rise time only might be up to 45 nSec. This can be adjusted by the factory so it would not interfere with your signals. It may be reversed by the factory to have low jitter on fall time and higher jitter on rise time.
point  Frequency Response: DC to 15MHz .
point  Low output noise
point  Supply Voltage: 12 V regulated, floating power supply. 24V Optional.
point  Optical Fiber: Glass, 62.5/125 micron dia. Standard (up to 3 Km), ST connector standard,
Single Mode fiber (Optional) - 9/125 micron, ST connector.
point  Transmission Range:
- Up to 3 Km standard (MM Fiber), 50Km optional with Single-mode fiber
Optical budget with Single Mode transceivers: 28 dB .
point  Voltage Isolation:
- Input to Output - infinite voltage isolation,
- Input/Output to Mains - standard 800V, Optional up to 2500 V,
- Battery operated - infinite voltage isolation.
Can work under Ionizing radiation (Nuclear applications)

Jitter for SM model:
12V Output option

Oscilloscope error is 1/Sampling Rate = 100pSec.

Jitter is lower than 100pSec.

Jitter for MM model:
12V Output option

Oscilloscope error is 1/Sampling Rate = 100pSec.

Jitter is lower than 300pSec.

Sample Application:

Synchronization of GPS receivers to produce precise timing signals:
Master GPS receiver is transmitting precise timing signals in IRIG-B002 DC Level Shift format (DCLS) to other receivers. Receivers are compensated for transmission delays and create precise, synchronised timing signals and timing code.

GPS Synchronisation

Download AFL-300 Digital brochurePDF

Ordering Information
point  The AFL-300 Digital is available with Single-Mode optics or Multi-Mode optics
point  Input range is TTL (0-3V or 0-5V). Output range can be adjusted by user (0 to 5V, 12V or Open Collector). Other input and output ranges available per request (0-12V, 0-24V etc.)
point  A stabilized power supply is also required for each side. It can supply power for up to 5 (optionally 10) receivers or transmitters.

AFL-300 DIG- - SM - R- DIN - 24V - 50B

point  SM = Single Mode (MM =Multi-Mode optics is the standard ).

point  R = Range in meter
point  DIN = DIN rail holders
point  24V = 24V power supply inputs (instead of standard 12V power input)
point  50 = 50 Ohms termination (please specify: 50Ohm @ Input/Output/Both or TTL).
Optical Splitters are available in different splitting ratios. Please consult the factory for your system design.

AFL-300 - O5
point  5 channel power supply (for one side)


AFL - 300 - 10
point 10 channel power supply (for one side)


Battery operated power supply:
Can run 5 channels for 10 hours.
Includes a 12 V/ 8 AH battery, charger + cables.

Larger batteries with higher capacity are available.
Available in OEM version:

Battery + Charger OEM

Or housed in a metal case:
Battery + Charger metal case


Rack Mounting:AFL-300-RACK

A standard 19" rack mounting case for up to 10 AFL-300 units ( receivers or transmitters) with ON/OFF switch and power supply / charger input.

Front View

Rear View

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