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AN-FLOW: Introduction

The AN-FLOW software program provides a multi-function PC based interface to the AN-2000. In addition to remote access and operation of the anemometer, the AN-FLOW enables real time display of data sampled by the channels being operated, application of the built-in functions on that data (such as Fourier decomposition), data smoothing and statistical functions. It also enables direct storage of sampled data to disk in a number of file formats. The graphical user interface provides intuitive access and user friendly operation of all functions, using either keyboard or mouse.

AN-FLOW: Features

Remote Control


Remote control operation software provides full control over the instrument, including setup functions, Bridge balancing, Signal conditioning etc.

Bar Display

Dynamic velocity/voltage distribution Bar-Graph.





Data Acquisition

High speed data acquisition system saves the sampled data into Binary or ASCII files on your Hard-disk. Up to 1000 files, up to 1000KB/file can be saved.




Scope Display

Simultaneous, real-time, scope-like displayof up to 16 signals, with 3 scales.




Fast Fourier Transform allows frequency analysis of up to 16 channels in real-time. FFT
data may be saved to file.





Real-time histogram display of up to 4 channels simultaneously with over-range display. High resolution display with 100 bars, 3000 samples/channel.



Printing and exporting of files to various printers and graphic formats.


Up to four different real-time measurements can be attached to any of the operated channels, and displayed in Scope window.



Traverse Control

ANFLOW software enables you to control up to six stepping motors simultaneously, move them from one position to another (up to 1000 positions) and sample a data file in each physical point (position). The measurement points (positions) may be defined as a six-dimensional grid or along a six-dimensional path that you will define.



On-line cross-correlation display of any two channels, up to 4 cahnnel pairs. Correlation function is displayed in bold line.





The software supports three linear axes (X,Y,Z) and three angular axes (Theta, Phi and Omega). The position of the sampling point is recorded into the data acquisition file for the user's reference and exporting to PROFLOW Profile Generator. ANFLOW can interface with any external stepping motor controller that supports RS-232 interface or use Pulse and Direction signals for control (optional driver).



LINFLOW: Probe Calibration

Calibration of a variety of sensors is made easy using LINFLOW software. Calibrate almost any type of probe: 1, 2 or 3 wires, with any angle between sensors. Calibration can be manual using your flow, or automatic using the CAL-2000 Digital Air Speed Calibrator.

Our smart calibration algorithm enables single sensor calibration within 20 seconds. The calibration model is based on Jorgensen’s equation which by taking into account flow condition, noise and other parameters, increases the accuracy of the calibration.

PROFLOW: Profile Generator

The PROFLOW software generates 2-D and 3-D velocity profiles within few minutes, from your ASCII data files, sampled in different physical locations.

>Graph types includes: Mean, RMS, FFT, Turbulence Intensity, Temperature, Humidity etc.



LABVIEW Software Interface

The AN-2000 also supports remote access control and operation by LABVIEW software. Three different VI's are supplied with the AN-2000 software package. They enable the user to make on-line measurements, acquire data to disk and control the instrumentation.

This modular software allows editing, adjustment and customization according to requirements. Fully documented source-code is provided with all modules.



WINDOWS 3.1 & WINDOWS 95 versions of ANFLOW and LINFLOW provide a user friendly interface for operation and calibration of the sensors and acquiring data to disk. All software versions are fully featured and are supplied on a CD-ROM. Free upgrades for 3 years are available at no charge.



On-Line HELP

>On-line HELP is available with all AN-FLOW and LINFLOW screens. Text-Sensitive, immediate assistance and support at your fingertips.




Record and Play...

PLAY utility enables you to "record" sounds using your Hot-Wire probe, store them into a file and play them back using a standard "sound Blaster" compatible card.





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