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SMARTWARE - the Breakthrough

As a result of years of rigorous field experience in measurement and data acquisition in research institutions and industry world wide, the engineers of offer multi-platform compatible, user friendly, high tech solutions:

Years of research brought about the evolution of a new approach by, to the data acquisition of anemometry signals, i.e. placing the entire data acquisition system on different electrical grounds. The key word is Optical Isolation.
There is no connection at all between the analog ground and the digital ground of the AN-2000 (isolation of more than 2 Mega Ohm resistance!).

All of the signal conditioning and data acquisition are done inside the channel module, where the signal path is only 3cm (compared with 2-5m of cable in other systems).

Sampling is true simultaneous at rates of 93 kHz, 160 kHz and higher (per channel).

The frequency response is automatic, Bode plot display is real-time and dynamic according to user adjustments.

The data measured with the built-in data acquisition system is linearized and correct up to the last bit.

When measuring only mean values of your flow, a Hot-Wire/Film anemometer may not be required. However, when you want to measure the velocity fluctuations of your flow and require more detailed data, such an instrument is essential. Most users need to measure dynamic signals. The frequency range might be from few hundreds of Hz up to 500 kHz. When you measure those high speed velocity fluctuations you need to know two things:
1) That your measurement system is capable of measuring those fluctuations accurately and correctly.
2) That all signals measured are on the same time base. You must ensure that both occur in order to know that your measurements are precise and reliable.

Our High Frequency compensation option (04) scans all frequencies in the range of 1 kHz to 1 MHz. exhibiting the correct response graph in the Frequency domain. This plot gives you detailed information about the total frequency characteristics of your system: Is it flat in all of the frequency range? Are there any oscillations (or a response which might lead to oscillations in a higher velocity?). What is the actual frequency range you might measure with your current sensor? All of those parameters may be adjusted on-line by the user.



This information and flexibility of adjustment can not be obtained by any other frequency compensation method.

Simultaneous sampling

Simultaneous sampling is another important feature for dynamic signal processing. A non-simultaneous data acquisition system will lead to phase errors between the signals, after they are reconstructed. Those errors might be from few degrees in very low frequencies to 180 degrees if a high sampling rate is used in conjunction with a large number of channels. The simultaneous sampling feature of the AN-2000 allows you to sample at the highest sampling rates, with NO phase errors. You can correlate between the Temperature, Velocity and external signals WITHOUT worrying about the accuracy of your results....

The built-in low-pass filters are self-calibrated to have the same cut-off frequency on all channels. This means that all channels will have the same delay, no matter how old is the electronics or what is the Temperature today... You may repeat this calibration at any time.


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