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The high resolution dot matrix display provides a detailed and clear interface for communication between the user and the anemometer. The built-in software is controlled by a hierarchical menu system which gives direct access to system functions. At every option the user is assisted by context sensitive help at the touch of a button. Frequency and impulse response plots can be plotted easily and a storage scope can be used to observe measured signals. On all plots and graphs, the cursor keys allow the immediate display of corresponding values measuring time, frequency, voltage etc.

The Menu Keys enable varied functions depending on the menu displayed on the screen. The corresponding functions appear above each key providing convenient, flexible and easy operation.

The Status Light indicates system status. During remote operation this provides an on line indication of the operation mode.
The general purpose cursor keys allow:
1. Selection of data points on graphs for measurements of amplitude frequency and time.
2. Amendment of the DC offset & gain, or timebase & amplitude
3. Selection of Channels and menu options
16 powerful functions give the user direct access to instrument control by accessing the various options throughout the menu hierarchy.
The EXTEND key removes graph axes and provides maximum resolution by extending the view vantage to the whole screen display. The HELP key activates context-sensitive information and operating instructions at every menu screen . The SETUP functions used to select parameters for instrument configuration. All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and therefore render re-entry of data redundant should power to the anemometer be discontinued. The OPERATE and STANDBY keys help protect the probes by connecting or disconnecting the sensor loop via the soft start protection circuit installed on each channel, preventing probe burn-out by any cause.
The Numeric Keypad is used for manual input of various data values including: cable & probe resistance, overheat ratios, gain, offset, calibration, graph points, etc. These parameters can also be input from a host computer through the RS-232 standard communication interface and stored in memory.
The AN-2000 supports up to 8 channel modules, 16 with the expansion unit. Each module has 4 LED indicators showing channel status: SELECT indicates channel selected; BALANCE indicates bridge balance. The OPERATE light, when on, demonstrates that the probe is operating, off when probe operation is discontinued by the user or the automatic burn-out protection circuit. The CABLE COMPENSATION accommodates cable lengths of 5 to 15meters.






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