G3006 Differential Amplifier / Signal Conditioner
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G3006 Enhanced Differential Amplifier & Excitation Module

G3006 module

The G3006 is an enhanced signal conditioner/amplifier with DC Excitation user for interfacing all bridge type sensors including: Straine Gage, Pressure sensors, Thermocouples, Accelerometers, Photo Diodes, Piezo etc.
The module contains a low-noise instrumentation amplifier, Gain and DC Offset sections and a Low Pass Filter. The bridge excitation is symmetrical and is capable of driving most bridge type transducers.

The module has internal bridge completion resistors and a shild driver for protecting the inputs from common mode noises. The unit features a high stability and low noise Excitation unit for driving the sensors. Five fixed gain values + variable gain control are used for gain setup. The output signal is filtered by one of 5 Low Pass Filters(4'th order).

This module can be used as a Strain Gage Amplifier for Load Cells, RTD or Load and Force measurement with Strain gage bridges or other bridge based piezo-resistive transducers (as pressure sensors). It can also be interfaces to most Temperature transducers, Piezo Sensors, Photo sensitive devices and most sensors having a voltage output. It can also be used as a Strain Gage monitoring system with many channels (combining few mainframes together). Due to it's low noise and high gain, it is an ideal solution for a strain gage force balance with op to 6 channels in one mainframe.

The amplifier can be operated by batteries and it's output signal can be transferred to the data acquisition system via the AFL-500 Analog Fiber optic Link for complete isolation of the system:

AFL-500 Analog Fiber Optic Link


All Specifications of the G-3006 are similar to G-3001 except:
Gain: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 Fixed 100-2000 Variable gain.
Low Pass Filters - 5 Fixed Frequencies: 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz
1KHz, 10KHz

Gain 100-2000 Var.Gain
Dif. Capacitance 5pF
Excitation Current (max) 80mA
Gain Non-Linearity +/-0.002%
CMMR (DC-100Hz) 110dB
Excitation Drift 15ppm/ºC ±10µV/ºC
Gain Temp. Coef. 5ppm /ºC
Bandwidth (Gain100-1000) 20KHz min (-3dB)
Excitation Noise (DC-100KHz) 0.6mV@350Ohm Load
Input Offset Drift 1µV/ºC
Setting time to 0.01% 80µSec
Excitation Noise (DC-1KHz) 0.2mV@350Ohm Load
Output Offset Drift 25µV/ºC
Input Noise Voltage(@1KHz) 5nV/.
Operating Temperature 0-70ºC
Input Offset Vs. Supply
Output Noise
±12V to ±18V
Bridge Resistance Range
        Low Pass Filter
5 fixed Frequencies

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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