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A. A. Lab Systems is a High-tech company specializing in manufacturing of electronic equipment for Aeronautics laboratories, Research institiutions and testing facilities. Our products are based on the latest technology and scientific innovations. We also manufacture OEM products based on customer's request.

Among our products are: Hot-wire & Hot-Film Anemometers, Air speed Calibrators, Pressure Measurement Systems, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Remote Data Acquisition Systems, Isolated Data Acquisition Systems, Optical Isolated Links, Pressure Sensitive Mats, Video Encoders / Decoders, Stepping Motor Controllers,Sensor to RS-232 / RS-485 interfaces, Digital I/O Boards, D/A Boards, Liquid Level Sensors, Piezo amplifiers and modulators, LVDT Signal Conditioners RF links, and RF Remote Terminals.

Among our OEM products are: Diamond analysis and polishing machines, MRI systems, X-ray shutters, precision metal coating machines, dental analysis and prototyping systems etc.


A.A. Lab-Systems
Head Office: 33 Hayetzira St., Ramat-Gan 52521, ISRAEL.Tel: 972-3-5756327, Fax: 972-3-5756326
USA office: 9 Blossom drive, Kennett Square, PA19348.  Tel: (302)478-2881 Fax: (610)444-5544

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