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Flow Measurement Products:

AN-2000 Computerized Anemometry System
AN-1003 Hot-Wire & Hot-Film Anemometry System
AN-1005 Anemometry System
CAL-2000 Digital Air-Speed Calibrator

Fiber Optic Products:

AFL-1000 Remote Data Acquisition System
AFL-500 Analog Fiber-Optic Link
Video Transfer Card

Data Acquisition Products:

GAGE-4000 Digital Gage Transmitter Interested
GAGE-3000 Transducer Interface Board
AFL-1000 Remote Data Acquisition System
DIO-48c Digital I/O Board for PC
PMC-3000 PC_Based Measurement System
DA-48 D/A Board for PC

Liquid Level Products:

LM-100 Liquid Wave Meter

Control Products:

SD-700 Stepping Motor Driver
DIO-48c Digital I/O Board for PC
GAGE-4000 Digital Gage Transmitter
DA-48 D/A Board for PC

OEM Products:

Foot Diagnosis Mat
Special OEM Products
RF-100 Remote Wireless Terminal

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