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A.A. Lab Systems develops many types of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products for other manufacturers and companies. Those developments may be part of a product or a complete product, using some of the technologies and skills acquired in our company. The broad range of OEM products includes:

Analog electronics, Gate arrays, Microprocessors, DSP's, High frequency digital circuits, various Sensors and Sensor technology, RF electronics, Fiber optics, Video encoding/decoding and compression, Low-noise isolated systems, Control systems, etc.

A.A. Lab Systems is commited to high quality production at low target prices and short delivery time.

Some of these products are shown below, to demonstrate our ability.

Pressure-Sensitive Mat

The pressure-sensitive mat has 4224 cells, arranged as a matrix of 88 by 48 cells. These sensors, developed by us, are maintenance-free, have almost unlimited life span and measure with 100% repeatability.This system measures dynamic pressure distribution, at up to 32 scans (of 4224 sensors per scan) per second. The acquired data is transferred to a PC compatible computer.

Highly advanced and affordable floor-mat system, useful for foot diagnosis and treatment, planar pressure screening, weight distribution and biomechanical assessment.
Analyze data instantly, then record it along with patient's name\ID for post-treatment or post-surgery comparison.
Its software package provides clear and colorful graphic presentation of data, the user-friendly operation and many useful options which make this system easy to operate with only a short training.
Very cost-effective system.

Sensor arrays at different resolutions, sensitivity and shapes may be manufactured per request

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Video Transfer Card

Our Video Transfer Card is a unique video product with outstanding capabilities.
High quality video (Visually Loss-less) transferred over fiber optic lines.
Uses WAVELET algorithm for compession and expansion of video.
6-45 Mbps video transfer rate capability (DS3).
Three major video standards: PAL, SECAM, NTSC.
Accepts CCIR 656 digital data stream from external encoder.

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Micro Electronics and chip bonding

We provide services design and manufacturing of microelectronic circuits, using chip bonding technolgy. Our team is specializing in development and production of products in low and medium quantities.
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Developement of microprocessor based products

A.A. Lab Systems provides software and hardware developement services for the following microprocessors :

Intel 80Cx86 family, TI TMS320C family, Microchip PIC family, Intel's 80C51 family, Analog Devices ADSP family.

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