Hot-Wire & Film Anemometry System AN-1003 Piezo Driver / Amplifier And Modulator A-304
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Advantages of the AN-1003
Technical Specification

Easy operation.
Low Noise - less than 2.2 nV/.
Ultra Low Noise option - less than 400pV/.
Intelligent modular design.
CTA and CCA in a single channel (optional).
Probe protection circuit.
Soft-start circuit for delicate probes.
High frequency response: DC-100kHz standard, DC-500kHz optional.
Flexible: may be used with Hot-film and Hot-wire.
Built-in Signal Conditioner :
- Controllable Gain,
- DC offset, adjustable to any value,
- Noise Filter: Low Pass Filter with 12 cut-off frequencies.
Built-in indicators aid user in balancing the Bridge.
Built-in Square Wave/Pulse Generator.
Fail-safe switches.
Self-maintained, no expensive servicing required.
12-months Parts & Labor warranty.
The AN-1003 Hot-Wire Anemometer can measure fluid velocities from 0 and up to supersonic speeds. In addition to these inherent qualities of the basic AN-1003 system, there are 14 extra options which can be added to any number of channels. These expand the capabilities of the system, allowing it to make professional-standard measurements in different kinds of fluids.

Another advantage of the AN-1003 is its modularity: channels can be removed or interchanged without disturbing other channels already calibrated for different experiments.

The AN-1003 is being used today at a large number of leading research institutes and universities throughout the world, where, for a number of years, it has proved its value as a reliable and accurate instrument, and has become a valuable research tool for scientists and engineers. Part of the AN-1003's success is due to its user-oriented design, making the system easy and straightforward to use by inexperienced students and professional researchers alike. We hope that you become part of this expanding group of satisfied AN-1003 users.

Refer to the
Technical Specification to find out about the outstanding capabilities and characteristics of the AN-1003. As a result of technological advances in design and production, A.A. Lab Systems can now offer you a complete AN-1003 anemometry system at a substantially lower price than in the past, making this highly reliable and accurate system highly affordable as well.

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