G-3080 LVDT Demodulator

The G-3080 module is used to demodulator the signal from a 5 or 6 wire LVDT (LVDT = "Linear Variable Differential Transformer" or "Linear Variable Displacement Transducer"...) sensors, for accurate displacement/position measurement, at frequencies up to 20KHz. The board is using a special ratiometric measurement circuit, which is insensitive to noise and Temp. drift problems, common to other measurement techniques.
The module consists of a LVDT excitation and a LVDT demodulator circuitry which together form a high speed displacement measurement system. With an appropriate sensor it can measure displacement as small as 1 micron and at frequencies up to 20 KHz.
The module is assembled from high linearity and low drift components, and operates with most common LVDT sensors.
The amplifier can be operated by batteries and it's output signal can be transferred to the data acquisition system via the AFL-500 Analog Fiber optic Link for complete isolation of the system:
AFL-500 Analog Fiber Optic Link


up to 20KHz
Primary to Secondary phase shift:
Excitation Voltage
Power Supply
better than 0.05% of FS
Transducer null voltage:
Voltage Range
±7V to ±18V
Gain Drift
50ppm/ºC of FS max
Transducer cable length:
up to 30m
Output Current
30mA RMS
Current (@ no load)
Offset Drift
50ppm/ºC of FS max
Output cable length:
up to 100m
Short Circuit Current
Temperature range
Unipolar or Bipolar
Frequency Range
20-20000Hz (with component change)
LVDT sensor type
any 5 or 6 wire sensor
Excitation range:
3-20V RMS
Excitation Frequency T.C.
Supply Voltage
Excitation T.C.
Output Voltage

Block Diagram

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