G-3030E EEG Amplifier

The G-3030E module was especially designed to monitor the neuronal activity of the brain. The module conditions the signal ciming from a standard (2mm) electrodes and protect the sensetive input from noises using an advanced shield driver. The output signal is filtered using a standard smoothing Low-Pass-Filter, or a combination of a L.P.Filter, a Band-Pass+Peak (8-12 Hz) to monitor maximal Alpha activity. This Neuro EEG amplifier can be used for applications as Brain mapping, Multi channel EEG system or as a general purpose medical amplifier.
The amplifier can be operated by batteries and it's output signal can be transferred to the data acquisition system via the AFL-500 Analog Fiber optic Link for complete isolation of the patient:

AFL-500 Analog Fiber Optic Link


Input Voltage Range
Vin (mV)
500, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000
Noise Voltage (0.05-35Hz):
0.08µV (rms)
Output Selection:
Normal, Alfa wave indicator
2M Ohm (Differential), 1000M Ohm (Common Mode)
Low Pass Filter:
35Hz, 100Hz
110 dB min (50/60 Hz)
High Pass Filter:
0.1, 1.0Hz
Common Mode
Notch Interference Filter:
50dB rejection @ 50/60 Hz
Input Voltage Range:

Block Diagram

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