Digital I/O Board for PC



The DIO-48C is a general-purpose I/O board for PC-compatible computers. It is useful for monitoring of devices with discrete on/off states such as switches, lamps, relays, etc., and also as a general-purpose parallel I/O.
Using an 8-bit slot, the DIO-48C can be mapped to two I/O address spaces: H1B0-H1BF or H1E0-H1EF, and can transfer data at rates of up to 100 kBytes per second(1 MB/s without optical isolation).
This 48-line card works with TTL-compatible digital signals. The 48 lines are configured in three groups:
22 input lines,
24 output lines, and
2 lines for setup inputs.
All signals are isolated by industry-standard optical isolators and can be interfaced to any standard TTL or CMOS signals. Signal isolation is needed for the prevention of "computer noise" from being transferred to sensitive analog systems. This is also very useful for controlling human health care equipment, where system reliability is crucial.
An optional floating 5V power supply provides the power necessary for the operation of all outputs.



   All inputs and outputs are optically isolated.
point   24 outputs, 22 inputs, 2 setup inputs.
point   High voltage and noise isolation.
point   Data transfer rates: up to 100K Byte/sec (1 MB/s without optical isolation).
point   External floating power source.
point   I/O lines are TTL compatible (CMOS optional).
point   BASIC and C software drivers included.


pointDigital I/O control.
pointControlling of noise-sensitive Analog Boards.
pointPreventing "Ground Loops" between instruments.
pointHigh voltage isolation.
pointIsolation of medical equipment.
pointSwitch/Relay/Lamp control.
pointTTL compatible(standard), CMOS optional.


The DIO-48c package includes an easy-to-use operation software, with source codes in BASIC, C and ASSEMBLY.




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