AN-1003 Hot-Wire & Hot-Film Anemometry System


An anemometer is an instrument for measuring fluid velocity, whether it be of gases or fluids, hot wire or hot film, anemometers measure fluid speed using a delicate probe made of thin tungsten/platinum wire, or a thin metallic film. This probe is heated to a temperature higher than average temperature of the fluid. Using sophisticated circuitry, the anemometer stabilizes and maintains the probe temperature at a constant level throughout the measurement. Since the fluid flowing past the probe has a lower temperature than the probe, the film/wire is constantly being cooled by the fluid flow. The higher the velocity, the faster the rate of cooling. Since the anemometer must maintain the probe temperature at a constant level, it is therefore sensitive to the rate at which it is being cooled, i.e., the fluid velocity. This velocity is translated to a continuously changing voltage which has a nonlinear relationship with the flowing fluid. This voltage then undergoes signal conditioning, to filter out noise and improve the Signal/Noise ratio. After proper calibration of the probe channels, it is possible to measure fluid velocities with an accuracy of 0.05% or greater, depending upon the measurement range and the quality of the calibration. The response time between measurement and instrument output is very short in comparison with other methods of fluid flow measurement and can reach a minimum of 1/2 microsecond. The AN-1003 Anemometry system measures at that speed up to 10 channels simultaneously!


Easy operation.
Low Noise - less than 2.2 nV/.
Ultra Low Noise option - less than 400pV/.
Intelligent modular design.
CTA and CCA in a single channel (optional).
Probe protection circuit.
Soft-start circuit for delicate probes.
High frequency response: DC-100kHz standard, DC-500kHz optional.
Flexible: may be used with Hot-film and Hot-wire.
Built-in Signal Conditioner :
- Controllable Gain,
- DC offset, adjustable to any value,
- Noise Filter: Low Pass Filter with 12 cut-off frequencies.
Built-in indicators aid user in balancing the Bridge.
Built-in Square Wave/Pulse Generator.
Fail-safe switches.
Self-maintained, no expensive servicing required.
12-months Parts & Labor warranty.

       Advantages of the AN-1003

The AN-1003 can measure fluid velocities from 0 and up to supersonic measurements. In addition to these inherent qualities of the basic AN-1003 system, there are 14 extra options which can be added to any number of channels. These expand the capabilities of the system, allowing it to make professional-standard measurements in different kinds of fluids. Another advantage of the AN-1003 is its modularity: channels can be removed or interchanged without disturbing other channels already calibrated for different experiments. The AN-1003 is being used today at a large number of leading research institutes and universities throughout the world, where, for a number of years, it has proved its value as a reliable and accurate instrument, and has become a valuable research tool for scientists and engineers. Part of the AN-1003's success is due to its user-oriented design, making the system easy and straightforward to use by inexperienced students and professional researchers alike. We hope that you become part of this expanding group of satisfied AN-1003 users. Refer to the Technical Specification to find out about the outstanding capabilities and characteristics of the AN-1003. As a result of technological advances in design and production, A.A. Lab Systems can now offer you a complete AN-1003 anemometry system at a substantially lower price than in the past, making this highly reliable and accurate system highly affordable as well. Call or e-mail for any information you need that is not covered in this Web Site - our professional staff will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have.


Option 01 -
ULTRA LOW NOISE INPUT AMPLIFIER - 400 PicoVolts / - less than 0.1mVrms output noise on 0-20kHz bandwidth.
Option 03 -
TEMP. COMPENSATION - discontinued, use Option 11 instead.
Option 04 -
FREQUENCY COMPENSATION - a tunable circuit for improving the frequency response up to 500kHz.
Option 05 -
BACKUP BATTERIES - provides operation without mains current for more than 2 hours. Built-in charger included.
Option 06 -
FILTER BANDS - other than specified. Please specify upper and lower cut-off frequencies in each band.
Option 07 -
GAIN OPTION - other than 1-20. please specify maximal gain required.
Option 09 -
DC OFFSET MEASUREMENT - on the test module with external BNC output.
Option 10 -
HIGH CURRENT POWER SUPPLY - capable of driving up to 10 probes in 1:1 bridge ratio as well as in x2 mode (up to 600mA per channel).
Option 11 -
CCA (Constant Current Anemometer) in addition to CTA mode, with 31 fixed current levels and a variable current of 0.3-30mA.
Option 12 -
HIGH PERFORMANCE SIGNAL CONDITIONER - gain of 1-100 (1-200 optional) with 1-10 variable control and a
gain multiplier of x1, x2, x5, x10. High accuracy DC offset (2ppm/C stability) with a variable control of 0-2V +
fixed steps of 0,2,4,6,8 Volts. DC-off function. Use for low velocities and low turbulence levels.
Option 13 -
EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY REMOVAL KIT - for removing the power supply to an external rack for ultra high Noise Immunity.
Option 14 -
AUTO-ZERO DC OFFSET - for automatic reduction of DC offset (use for Velocity profiles or near wall). Control signals are TTL compatible (zero + read DC offset).
Option 15 -
1. Probe protection and soft start circuits are standard on all channels.
2. All mainframes are built for 115/220Vac 50/60 Hz operation.

       Technical Specification

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